Test Automation Engineer


What does your job look like?

My job is all about the quality of our Mobile application, as well as the backend that serves it, testing it both in a manual and an automated way, where I also design, implement and execute the tests. Quality starts even before the development of a new feature, so I’m also part of the planning phases to provide professional insight where needed. My day-to-day responsibilities also involves a lot of communication between team members to achieve a common understanding of our goals for each current and future release.


What’s the first thing you do when you start working?

There are two important activities that I like to start my day with. First is to check the Application’s health – i.e. assessing the results of our daily / weekly test runs on our device farm – to see if any issues have risen and then investigate. Secondly, is to double check my calendar to see if there are any meetings during the day where I need some prior preparation, such as questions regarding a feature, or presentations and ideas that i would like to present.


What’s your professional background?

My professional career started in 2015 in a small Hungarian company where we developed the Norwegian Telenor’s customer self service application in both Android and iOS. My role was to ensure the highest quality for the mobile application in every release. This project lasted almost five years and during this time I developed many test systems / solutions to support app testing like a full mock-server. This is where the application could connect to and we could freely modify every backend response for our testing and development needs, a webpage hosting deeplink entries to the application and, of course, investigating test automation possibilities.

I also had other short term projects, but now I would mention only one of them – since it’s probably also the buzzword of the decade – blockchain. During this project, developers created an application for a blockchain based driving licence registration management system and my responsibility, as a test automation engineer, was to create automated tests for every day runs to test all the possible use cases of the system.


What do you love about your job?

I love being part of innovative processes and that’s what we are doing here. Experiencing new ideas before the “public” is always great, and testing it to meet up to expectations is even better! Of course not everything that’s innovative is user-facing, but that means we don’t just care about what’s on the “outside”, but also what’s in the “inside”. As a person responsible for quality and being part of an innovate process, it always required that you “think out of the box” and find new ways to test new ideas in development. When you overcome challenges like this, it always rewards you with incredible satisfaction.


What’s your favourite thing about viesure?

I would say it is the people I work with. Each employee is excellent in their craft which, in my opinion, generates a great atmosphere both in the office and during meetings and gatherings.


Lastly, what’s your message for us?

If you look ahead, half a year looks very distant, but if you look back on your past half year, it feels like an instant. Every day, aim for a small step forward or improvement towards your goals and the difference will be tremendous in the long run.