About us


Submit invoices for your private health, home and property insurances. With a few clicks. In one app.


Back- & Frontend Development

User Research

UX & UI Design

Advantages at a glance

  • one-time registration
  • easier submission process
  • faster payout
  • clear status display
  • instant real-time notification
  • compact submission history
  • get in touch with your agent

Providing a modern, mobile touchpoint for customers, losleben simplifies the insurance process and allows users to handle submissions and submit claims as easily and quickly as possible. In addition, the new chat function means getting in touch is now even easier and answers to any questions are just a few clicks away.

Thanks to the use of our losleben app, many background processes have been simplified – which ultimately benefits our customers. This digital transformation has been awarded second place at the Digital Impuls Award 2021.

losleben has been awarded the best insurance app by ÖGVS consecutively since 2022 and is currently the highest ranked Austrian insurance app in the Apple and Google app stores.