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User Research

As part of our commitment to improving our users’ digital experience, we conduct user interviews and usability tests on behalf of Wiener Städtische Versicherung for their award-winning losleben app.


How are user interviews or usability tests conducted?

We primarily conduct our interviews and tests through online video conferencing. In certain situations, if required, we may extend a personal invitation for an in-person interview at our office.


To participate on our online User Testing, you’ll need a laptop, computer, or smartphone, preferably equipped with a camera. No additional software installations will be necessary. After you’ve scheduled a convenient appointment, we’ll send you a confirmation email containing all the essential details.


In your confirmation email, you will find a meeting link to Google Meet. To join:

  • Click on the meet link you received in your email.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to join the video conference.

At the beginning of the call, Google Meet will request access to your computer’s camera and microphone. Your microphone will be accessed only after your active consent. To transmit your camera feed, you will need to follow a second step.

What is the interview or test process?

We will start the video conference by providing a brief introduction of ourselves and outlining the topic we intend to discuss. Depending on the topic, we may either ask a few open-ended questions or request that you review a digital product currently under development. In the latter case, we may ask you to access an Internet link that we will send you via email and share your screen with us. This will enable us to observe your interaction with our prototypes and help us to identify areas for improvement. You will receive additional details about the process and the specific topic of your appointment in advance through your confirmation email.

What are the benefits to participating?

By participating, you will gain valuable insights into the creation and development of digital products. As a token of our appreciation, you will receive €25 in Amazon vouchers. Alternatively, you have the option to donate this amount to one of our partner organizations.

Collection and use of information

To schedule an online appointment, we utilize Google Calendar. To proceed, kindly provide your name and email address. After selecting your desired appointment slot, you will promptly receive a confirmation email from Google Calendar. Additionally, we will send you a confirmation email containing comprehensive details about the interview process and the handling of your data.


Your calendar entry data will be temporarily stored and accessible in our account’s calendar during the interview preparation phase. Post-interview, this data will be promptly deleted. The calendar will be retained in the recycle bin for an additional 30 days, after which it will be automatically purged.


For more information regarding the usage of Google Calendar, please refer here.


When you join a meeting, your meeting ID is shared with the organizer’s domain for troubleshooting and auditing purposes. Your meeting ID can either be your email address or your phone number if you have dialed into the video conference.


During the interview, we will pose a range of questions and may request that you share your screen while interacting with the application. These sessions are recorded, and the interviewer may also take notes to document your responses. At the start of the interview, we will once more request your explicit consent for recording. If you do not grant consent, the interview will not be recorded.

How we protect your privacy

The product team at viesure will actively take part in the live meeting, while Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG employees will have the option to review the recording at a later time. These recordings will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to external parties. Furthermore, the recordings will be transcribed into text format and securely deleted after 30 days. Your data will be anonymized, ensuring that your name and identity will not be linked to any statements you make in our reports.

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