Ramping up smoothly


Ramping up smoothly

WARNING: this is another experience report of what onboarding and working are like at viesure innovation center GmbH 😉


I started working at viesure on September 1st, 2020 as ‘Product Advocate & Technical Writer’ and as I personally love experience reports I decided to strike once more as there cannot be enough of them and there will be further team mates joining us in the future.


As I’m more a granny compared to most of my colleagues at least in terms of ‘having worked at other software companies’ years, I’ve lived through several onboarding and ramp-up phases and I can tell you that it is definitely different at viesure. 🙂


At the end of August, the ‘Corona Traffic Lights’ weren’t introduced yet, so I decided to go to the office for a couple of days to meet my teammates and boss and collect my supercool MacBook and iPhone.


My boss Rene was there to let me in, hand over my equipment and introduce me to some people in the office. Currently, most of the viesure folks work remotely due to the COVID situation, but most of my team members made it to the office to meet me in person and have a chat. 😍


I’ve really enjoyed the days at the office, though I must admit that switching from a Windows PC to a MacBook was harder than expected, but as I love to learn, I took it as a challenge and now my MacBook and I are bffs. 😀


In the first two weeks, I met further viesure people mostly via Slack calls or Google Meet and I had introductory sessions to GitLab, AWS, Antora, and of course a lot of Scrum-related meetings. We shortly meet for a daily standup every day, have grooming and sprint planning meetings, and awesome retrospectives every two to four weeks.


Being part of a team instead of having one mentor provides a safe environment to learn and grow. There are several Slack channels for all viesure people and one for each team. Slack surely is our virtual office space and used heavily.


At viesure you also learn as you work and the team members trust you right from the beginning to handle tools with due respect and that you’ll ask for help if needed. I highly appreciate that and it helps me a lot to make the most out of my work time.


I even picked my own onboarding project and did a language review of the API guidelines as I had to get familiar with them anyway. I was lucky to know GitHub quite well as working with GitLab is very similar and my teammates encouraged me to simply give it a try.


There are a lot of experts in certain areas among my colleagues, but no one can be an expert in everything and thus, viesure offers tons of training possibilities from in-house and online training to external courses and books which might be useful to you – all in all, continuous learning plays a vital role at viesure.


To sum this up, I can only say that I felt and still feel very welcome at viesure and in good hands among like-minded people curious to learn something new every day. ❤️ 🌈 ☀️