How to master an interview

Over the last years, I have done a couple of hundred interviews, mainly for developer positions, scrum masters, and product owners. Some people do well, others don’t, and it has nothing to do with seniority or how many years you have been in the industry. People coming from universities having…


Java 14 Records vs Lombok vs POJOs

Java was never known for being an expressive language. If we look back in history, handy features such as lambda expression have been there long before - in other languages such as C#, for example. Especially writing data classes such as DTOs or model classes - without the IDE auto-generate…


Am I a senior developer?

As being responsible for quite a few developers and teams at my current role and in the past, juniors often came up with a question similar to this one: "What do I need to be a senior developer?". For most of the graduates from school or university, this is a…


Optimizing our build times with gitlab on AWS

Quick build times are essential for fast feedback. No matter if you want to deploy your version on a test environment, fix a bug (again) or just want to close your ticket - without getting your code through your CI/CD pipeline it's not done. Tests have not been run, your…

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Innovation & Cloud: the perfect marriage?

This blog article is for developers, engineers and everyone else who is driving innovation in their company. If you are one of these technically skilled people who is having trouble convincing management to add cloud services to your toolbox, you can stop reading right now and just send them this…


Time to Market: Where Business Meets Technology

Trained engineers like me love to use all the new technologies evolving basically each day. Continuous Deployment, Docker, K8s, Isito – fill in any other current buzzword – solve problems on different levels of our engineering process making us move faster and faster. They automate tasks (we hate repetitive things…


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