Software Engineer


What does your job look like?

It mostly revolves around finding and creating solutions.


What’s the first thing you do when you start working?

Checking all communication channels and notifications, whether there is anything that needs my attention, followed by planning my goals for the day.


What’s your professional background?

Parallel to studying Medical Engineering and eHealth, I worked part-time at an IT consulting company and as a tutor at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Vienna. Now and again, I still do some project-based work. Since finishing my studies, I have been working as a Software Developer and lecturer.


What do you love about your job?

The creative process, the challenge, the variety, the constant room for growth, the collaboration and, last but not least, the satisfaction after frustration.


What’s your favourite thing about viesure?

The possibility to be part of every step in the project phase, from brainstorming and coming up with ideas to releasing and improving them. Everybody is invited to shape the future of the company.


Lastly, what’s your message for us?

Embrace change and never stop learning.